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History of Lodge Trivandrum No.168

Freemasonry in Kerala before 1965
Formation of the Grand Lodge of India
Lodge Trivandrum No: 168- Genesis
The First Five Years
The period from 1961 TO 1980
The Period from 1981 TO 1990
The period from 1991 TO 2000
The period from 2001 TO 2010


(Compilation by W. Bro. Jayapalan)


It is interesting to note that the seeds of Freemasonry were sown in this part of the country, more than a hundred and ninety five years ago. The first lodge was founded in the year 1806 by the name “Travancore Union” at Quilon. In 1822 another Lodge by name ‘Hibernia and Union’ was started and that too at Quilon.

Later, three Lodges appeared one after the other at Cannanore, “Lodge of Fortitude and Perseverance” in 1813, “Corinthian Lodge” in 1823 and Lodge “Western Star” in 1863. While no details are available regarding Lodge “Travancore Union” and Lodge ‘Hibernia and Union’, records show that the other three Lodges ceased to exist in 1837, 1862 and 1904 respectively.

In the meanwhile Lodge Kerala was constituted at Calicut in 1886 and it has celebrated its Centenary in 1986. It was in 1897 that Lodge Minchin in Trivandrum came into being. Twenty-four years later Lodge Cochin was formed in 1921. It was in 1941 that Lodge Quilon was established, nearly one hundred and thirty-five years after the first Lodge in Quilon was constituted. Besides these Lodges under the English constitution there is another Lodge under the Scottish Constitution by name Lodge Heather No. 928 at Munnar, consecrated in May 1902, meeting regularly at the beautiful hill station Munnar.



Soon after the independence of our Nation the brethren evinced keen interest for the formation of a separate Grant Lodge of India. Many earlier attempts were rendered futile. Towards the end of October 1959 the Most Worshipful Grand Master of England and Ireland and the past Grand Master of Scotland met at London and arrived at a consensus that a Grand Lodge of India is desirable and that its establishment should be gradually and actively pursued. Accordingly a committee was formed to “consider steps to be taken to establish a Grand Lodge of India and the advice to be given to our three Grand Lodges there on”. The steering Committee met at important centres of Masonic activity in India and in less than six months a report was submitted. The report was circulated among lodges under different constitutions leaving it for them to decide whether to opt for or against joining such a body. The lodges were also informed that if the Brethren in India decided in favour of an independent Grand Lodge, they would accept the decision and establish with it the closest fraternal relations and the Lodges not wishing to participate would continue to enjoy the existing rights under their respective Grand Lodges.

Out of the total of 277 Individual Lodges in India, 145 opted for the new Grand Lodge of India. In the six months period after the formation of Grand Lodge of India on 24th November 1961, one more Lodge acceded. During the twelve months since the inauguration of the Grand Lodge, four new Lodges were consecrated. Lodge Minchin in Trivandrum had by then resolved to maintain the status quo-ante and to continue to remain under the English Constitution. At the same time a large number of the brethren of Lodge Minchin resolved to form a new Lodge in Trivandrum under the Grand Lodge of India, sponsored by Lodge Santi No. 146.




The consecration of Lodge Trivandrum took place during the Grand Festival held at Madras on 3rd May 1965. The consecration was conducted by the then Grand Master of India M.W. Bro. Bhogilal C. Shah assisted by Grand Officers, in the presence of a large gathering of distinguished Masons, including a few eminent brethren from U.K., such as R.W. Bro. Sir Eric Studd., R.W. Bro. Lt. Col. J. W. Chitty and R.W. Bro. Lt. Gen Sir Harold Williame.

Most worshipful the Grand Master was assisted by

R.W. Bro. Rao Bahadur S.T. Srinivasagopalachari - as IPM
R.W. Bro. K. Gopalaswami - as SW
V.W. Bro. B.R. Mullaferoze - as JW
V.W. Bro. Dr. S.K. Sen - as Chaplain
R.W. Bro. P.M. Sundaram - as Secretary
R.W. Bro. Ismail - as D of C
W. Bro. Bhaidas R. Shroff - as SD
W. Bro. Rao Sehib K.A.M.A Kaliappa Nadar - as JD
W. Bro E.P. Bharucha - as Swd Br.
W. Bro Rao Bahadur C.S. Bhaskar - as D of C
W. Bro P. C. Chatterjee - as Std. Br
W. Bro R. Krishnaswamy - as Std. Br
W. Bro H.J. Engineer - as AD of C
W. Bro A. Daniel - as Org
W. Bro Dr. Shankar K. Iyer - as I.G.
W. Bro E.W.W. King - as Tyl.

M.W. The Grand Master installed W. Bro. S.S. Pillai as the Founder Master. The following were the founder officers of the new Lodge:

W. Bro. J. C. Alexander - SW
W. Bro. J.G. Frischi - JW
W. Bro. R.R. Vaidyalingom Pillai - Chaplain
W. Bro. K. Narayana Pillai - Treasurer
W. Bro. N.P. Ramakrishna Pillai - Secretary
W. Bro. U. Chandu Nair - D of C
Bro.C. Narayanan Nair - SD
Bro.S..V. Pandit - JD
Bro.R.. Raghupathy - AD of C
Bro.E..K. Moidu - Alm
Bro.K.. Kunjukrishna Pillai - Org.
Bro.P. Velayudhan Pillai - A Sec
Bro.N. Vijayakrishnan Nair - IG
Bro.K. Mahadevan Pillai - Stwd.
Bro.V. Nirmalan Thampi - Stwd.
Bro.P. R.C. Nayar - Tyl.

R.W. Bro. Rao Bahadur S.T. Srinivasagopalachari, RGM delivered the charge to W.M.

R.W. Bro. K.G. Gopalaswami, A.G. M. Addressed the Senior and Junior Wardens, and M.W. Bro. Bhogilal C. Shah the Grand Master delivered the address to Brethren.

The banner of the Lodge designed by W. Bro. J.C. Alexander was unveiled by R.W. the Regional Grand Master. R.W. Bro. Rao Bahadur S.T. Srinivasagopalachari.



The new Lodge started its regular meeting at the premises of Lodge Minchin No. 2710 EC on a rent of Rs. 15/- p.m. At its first regular meeting of the new Lodge on 17-04-65 the following decisions were taken:

1. To purchase a steel almirah for the Lodge at a cost of Rs. 400/-.
2. To donate a sun of Rs. 150/- to RGL Fund of Benevolence.
3. To obtain founder jewels.
4. That the W.M. and Officers enter and leave the Lodge in procession.
5. That the National Anthem be sung after every meeting.
6. That after every meeting there will be a dinner.

The following eminent brethren succeeded W. Bro. S.S. Pillai during the next five years. They were W. Bro. J. C. Alexander, W.Bro. J.G. Fritchi, W.Bro. C. Narayanan Nair, W. Bro. S.V. Pandit and W. Bro. S. Kumar. At the time of penning these lines all except W. Bro. J. G. Firtchi and W. Bro. S Kumar have left this terrestrial Lodge. The Lodge had to mourn the death of six illustrious masons during the period; all of them were its founders.

W. Bro. K. Kunjukrishna Pillai
W. Bro. Ramalingom Iyer
W. Bro. P.R.C. Nayar
W. Bro. V. R. Narayana Nair and
W. Bro. K. Govinda Pillai

Total membership stood at 66 as on 31-12-1970.

During the first six years 31 fit and proper persons were initiated into the Lodge. Bro. Dr. R. Raman Nair was the first initiate of this Lodge and it is gratifying to note that he still takes keen interest in masonry. A total of 90 ceremonies were held during this period. The Lodge had seventy Regular meetings and six emergency meetings. Past Masters and even junior brethren were encouraged to participate in rituals.

Decisions and Events

At the regular meeting on 16-10-65 the Lodge adopted the following recommendation of the standing committee "that the brethren shall wear full suit, preferably black or black & white and if the coat is open a tie or bow shall be worn".

On 18-12-65, the Lodge commemorated the release of Indian Craft Ritual by the Worshipful Master presenting a copy of the ritual to the junior most brother present. This happy occasion was celebrated by proposing a toast with cake & wine.

During August 1966 the Lodge a new set of Collars. At the request of the W. Master of Lodge Southern Cross No. 46 G.L.I a deputation of 14 brethren visited Lodge Southern Cross No. conducted a ceremony of Raising on the 22.7.67 and this gesture was responded by Lodge Southern Cross by sending a delegation of 17 brethren to conduct a ceremony of Initiation on 26.8.67 at this Lodge.

The Stewards Fund was started during the end of 1967 with every brother contributing Rs. 5/- each per year.

30 Nos, of Black & white balls were purchased during September 1970 for balloting.

One interesting feature during the period was that Mr. Vadivele Babu was initiated by his father W. Bro. Dr. Vadivele, Past master Lodge Southern Cross No.46.

During this period the Lodge donated to lodge Minchin a sum of Rs. 200/- towards repairs to Lodge building and a sum of Rs. 750/- for a telephone connection.


The lodge recognised W. Bro. R. Vaidyalingom Pillai by presenting him with 40 years Long Term Service Jewel. Brethern S. Velu Pillai, U. Chandu Nair, K. Narayana Pillai, N.P. Ramakrishna Pillai and A. Kasim were presented with 25 years long Term Service Jewels. W. Bro. S.S. Pillai represented R.W. The Regional Grand Master.

The Lodge had also honoured a number of eminent brethren by conferring them with Honorary membership of this Lodge. As at December 1970 we had the following brethren in our rolls as Honorary Members.

M.W. Bro. Padma Bhushan Prof. M.S. Thacker - G.M.
M.W. Bro. Bro. Bhogilal Shah - PGM
R.W. Bro. P.M. Sundaram - P Dy. G.M.
R.W. Bro. K. Gopalaswamy - PAGM
R.W. Bro. M. Ismail - PSGW
R.W. Bro. B.R. Mullaferoz - SGW
R.W. Bro. M. Ismail - PSGW
R.W. Bro. B.R. Mullaferoz - SGW
R.W. Bro. Dr. S.K. Sen - PSGW
R.W. Bro. Rao Sahib K.A. M.A. Kaliappa Nadar - PSGW
R.W. Bro. Bhaider R. Shroff - PJGW
V. W. Bro. Rao Bahadur C.S. Bhaskar - JGW
V. W. Bro. E.P. Bhasnehe - PJGD of C
V. W. Bro. P.C. Chatterjee - PG St. Br.
V. W. Bro. Dr. Shankar K. Aiyar - G Std. Br.
V. W. Bro. E.W.W. King - PARG Std. Br.
V. W. Bro. A. Daniel - PRGO


The Lodge had such distinguished visitors as -

M.W. Bro. Bhogilal C. Shah - M.W. G.M
M.W. Bro. Prof: M.S. Thacker - M.W.G.M.

during their respective periods of office.


The Lodge undertook following charities during the period, by donating substantial amounts to:

  • National Defence Fund
  • GLI War Relief Fund
  • RGL Fund of Benevolence
  • CM's Relief Fund
  • Friend in need society


1971 TO 1980

The following Worshipful brethren occupied the Eastern Chair during the ten years following 1970.

1971 - W.Bro. N. Vijayakrishnan Nayar
1972 - W.Bro. P. Velayudhan Pillai
1973 - W.Bro. V. Nirmalan Thampi
1974 - W.Bro. R. Gainneos
1975 - W.Bro. N. Jaikumar
1976 - W.Bro. M.S. Mani
1977 - W.Bro. S. Padmanabhan
1978 - W.Bro. M. Ramaswamy Iyer
1979 - W.Bro. Vadivale Babu
1980 - W.Bro. V.P. Velayudhan

Among them the first three were founders of the Lodge. W.Bro. R. Gainneos was the first initiate of this Lodge to occupy the Eastern Chair. Incidentally, W. Bro. Gainneos was initiated into Freemasonry in the presence of M.W. Bro. Bhogilal C. Shah, the then Grand Master, by W.Bro. J.C.Alexander, who also had the privilege to install him in the Eastern Chair 10 years later. Likewise, W. Bro. Vadivale Babu was initiated and later installed by his father W.Bro. Dr. Vadivale, Past Master of Lodge Southern Cross No. 46.

Soon after his installation, W.Bro. Dr. N. Jaikumar had to go abroad on an assignment and W. Bro. R. Gainneos had to rule the lodge consecutively for two years.

The period between 1971 and 1980 was one of vicissitude. During the ten years period the bye- laws were amended twice to raise the annual subscription from Rs. 40/- to Rs. 75/-. The stewards fund contribution was also raised from Rs. 5/- per annum to Rs. 25/- per annum.

The Lodge unanimously decided to host the Half Yearly Meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India in 1977. The RGL meet proved a success and it was instrumental in improving attendance and harmony among brethren. The efforts put in by the then Secretary Bro. R. Ravikumar and Treasurer Bro. K. Purushothaman Nair helped to improve the financial position of the Lodge. From the surplus generated from R.G.L. meet, a fund of Rs. 24, 100/- was created. The Lodge also adopted certain informal regulations regarding appointment of officers and proposal of candidates. Thus, when this decade came to a close the Lodge became active and the attendance improved.

There were 140 meetings during this period of ten years, wherein 160 ceremonies were held. Thirty three candidates were initiated into the Lodge. Twenty one brethren became joining members.

Inevitably, a few brethren were summoned to the Grand Lodge above. They were R.W. Bro. R. Vaidyalingam Pillai, Bro. Ambady Bhaskara Menon, W. Bro. N.P. Ramakrishna Pillai, Bro. Jacob Zachariah, Bro. P.G. C. Pillai, Bro. N. Rajeswaran Nair and Bro. C. M. Nair.


The Lodge recognised the following brethren for their long and dedicated service to Freemasonry.

25 years long term service jewels were presented to W. Bro, S.S. Pillai, W. Bro. S. Niyogi and W. Bro. C. Narayanan Nair. The 40 years long term service jewels were presented to W. Bro, S. Velu Pillai and W. Bro. U. Chandu Nair.


In the year 1973 the lodge resolved to sponsor a new lodge at Nagercoil by name Lodge Vivekananda, for the benefit of brethren residing at Nagercoil. But we find from the records that this lodge was consecrated at Kanyakumari in the year 1985 only.

An attractive teakwood board carrying the roll of Masters was installed and unveiled in the year 1972.

W. Bro. M. Ramaswamy Iyer was adjusted as the Best Master and Lodge Trivandrum as the Best Lodge in the Region during the Ritual working competition held in the year 1978. The lodge also started observing the Past Master's day and the Ladies' Night and this practice is continued even today.

In the year 1977 M.W. Bro. D.P. Madon, Most Worshipful the Grand Master visited the Lodge. The Half Yearly meeting pf RGL held in 1977 also brought several Masonic dignitaries to the Lodge. Rt. W. Bro. Ramaprasad Rao visited the Lodge during 1975 and presented a memento to the Lodge, which is still preserved in the Lounge.

A number of Masonic Papers were read during this period in the open Lodge. Certain Masonic books belonging to late Vaidyalingom Pillai were donated to the Lodge.

The Lodge disbursed charities to Regional Grand Lodge Fund of Benevolence, RGL Flood Relief Fund and to the Vanchi Poor Fund.


1981 TO 1990

The following brethren occupied the Eastern Chair during the ten years period.

1981 - W.Bro. R. Ravi Varma
1982 - W.Bro. K.R. Rajasekharan Nayar
1983 - W.Bro. C.S. Sethuraman
1984 - W.Bro. C.P.N. Nair
1985 - W.Bro. M.R.B. Menon
1986 - W.Bro. R. Ravi Kumar
1987 - W.Bro. P.A. Thomas
1988 - W.Bro. P.G. Sukumaran Nair
1989 - W.Bro. A. Gopalan Nair
1990 - W.Bro. (Brig). V.K. Nair A V S M

Among them all except W. Bro. P.G. Sukumaran Nair were initiates of this Lodge.

The period from 1981 to the present is one of steady progress and prosperity for the Lodge.

During the period 142, meetings were held and 108 Ceremonies were conducted, which include 7 Funeral Lodge Services, in memory of departed brethren. The First Funeral Lodge Service was held in 1984 in memory of the First Master- the Founder Master of the Lodge- V.W. Bro. S.S.Pillai, P.G.D of C, P Dy. R G M. Since then it has become a regular practice in this Lodge to conduct the service in memory of brethren summoned to the Grand Lodge above. During the decade, the Lodge suffered heavy loss due to the demise of the following brethren:

Bro. George Joseph
Bro. K.E. Eapen
W. Bro. N. Jaikumar
W. Bro. S. S. Pillai
W. Bro. U. Chandu Nair
W. Bro. J.C. Alexander
Bro. S.M.A. Karim
W. Bro. C. Narayanan Nair
Bro. K.M.K. Menon
Bro. R. Keleth
W.Bro. A.G. Ninan
Bro. S. Vasudev
Bro. M.M. Mathew
W. Bro. S.V. Pandit
Bro. P. Lekshmanan Pillai
W. Bro. G. Appukuttan Pillai and
Bro. N. Srinivasan.

In this decade 39 persons were initiated and 16 brethren joined the Lodge.

The Past Masters Day and Ladies Night were regularly held.

The Lodge also participated in a joint meeting held at Madurai in the year 1983 to meet M.W. The Grand Master M.W. Bro. Sitaram Jaipuria. It was one of the rare occasions when 9 Lodges of a region have a joint meeting.

During 1983 "The Trivandrum Freemasons Charitable Association" was founded and the same was registered under the Charitable Societies Registration Act.

The Lodge resolved to sponsor a new Lodge at Kanyakumari by name "Lodge Vivekananda". Many brethren of this Lodge became founders of the new Lodge and one of the Past Masters of this Lodge W.Bro.J.C. Alexander was installed the founder Master of the new Lodge. This new Lodge was consecrated on 12-2-1985 at Trivandrum by M.W.Bro Sitaram Jaipuria, Most Worshipful the Grand Master. The Lodge also presented a set of Collars to the new Lodge.

In the year 1985, W.Bro. M.R.B. Menon won the "Chief Justice K. Veeraswamy Rolling Trophy" for the Best Master of the Region and Lodge Trivandrum was awarded "Madras Masters Lodge Golden Jubilee Rolling Trophy" for the Best Lodge in the Region. W.Bro.M.R.B. Menon was also awarded First Prize in the Diamond Jubilee Ritual Working Competition of Madras Masters Lodge NO.103 for conducting the Installation Ceremony.

The Lodge, the Master or its officers were awarded several certificates of merit during various years for their performance in ritual Working competition.

The same year a Reserve Fund Account was opened. The Lodge contributed a sum of Rs.40,000/- to Lodge Minchin No.2710 EC for construction of a Community Hall. A sum of Rs.10,000/- also was contributed in the year 1988.

The Trivandrum Masonic Study Circle was started in 1986 and the Study Circle, all these years did excellent work by organizing meetings, where papers on Masonic subjects were presented. Candidates for various degrees were trained, and rehearsals of Ceremonies were conducted. The study Circle also maintains a Library.

During 1990 the Lodge hosted the Half Yearly meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India. The meeting attracted a large number of brethren from the entire region. The physical arrangements as well as the hospitality were appreciated by one and all.

Lodge Trivandrum not only sends out the Master and Officers to other lodges to conduct ceremonies but also receives such deputation.


During this period charities were disbursed to Rotary Institute for Children in need of Special care, Kerala Federation of the Blind, Deaf and Dumb School, K.M.S. Polio Home, Regional Grand Lodge Benevolent Fund, Drought Relief Fund, Refugee relief fund, Cyclone Relief Operations, Helpage India etc.


During 1989 the Lodge presented 40 years Long Term Service Jewels to W.Bro. T.E. Mathew and W.Bro. A.I. Abraham and 25 years Long Term Service Jewels to W.Bro. V.K. Chacko and W.Bro. T.G. Gopalan Nair. The Lodge has resolved to present the 25 years Long Term Service Jewel to W.Bro. V. Nirmalan Thampi also.

A number of Masonic dignitaries such as M.W. Bro, Sitaram Jaipuria, M.W. Bro. Justice Prakash Narain, Rt. W.Bro. A.S. Rajasabhai, Rt. W.Bro. V. Rajendran, Rt. W. Bro. K.L. Reddi, Rt. W.Bro. V. Sarangapani, visited the Lodge during the decade.

W.Bro. A. Gopalan Nair had the unique privilege to initiate his son to Freemasonry and that perhaps indicates the influx of a second generation in this 25 years old Lodge.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The Lodge celebrated its Silver Jubilee on the 21st of September 1990 in a befitting manner. A Silver Jubilee Commemoration Meeting was held on that day with a large number of brethren from several Lodges in attendance. R.W.Bro. K.L. Reddi, Right Worshipful the Regional Grand Master attended the meeting and felicitated the brethren. The same evening a public meeting was also held which was attended by guests and ladies. Our departed brethren were remembered at this meeting. Mementos were presented to Founder Brethren and Past Masters. A Souvenir was published to mark the occasion.


1991 TO 2000

The following eminent brethren occupied the Eastern Chair during the ten years following 1990.

1991 W.Bro. B.T.Pillai
1992 W.Bro. G.Kumaran Nair
1993 W.Bro. G.R.Nandakumar
1994 W.Bro. Krisna Sankara Pillai
1995 W.Bro. D.Santhikumar
1996 W.Bro. R.Hari Kumar
1997 W.Bro. P.Sreekumar
1998 W.Bro. P.B.Menon
1999 W.Bro. Akhilesh G.Nair
2000 W.Bro. P.Balchandran Nair

Among them the first two Maters were Joining Members from the English Constitution. W.Bro. G. Kumaran Nair resigned his membership while in office, in consequence of the withdrawal of recognition of our Grand Lodge by the United Grand Lodge of England. In all, 44 brethren resigned, reducing the strength of the Lodge to 118. The Ruling Master, Immediate Past Master, and Senior Warden were among those who resigned and the Lodge was under care of the Junior Warden for a short period in 1992. It was indeed an uphill task to consolidate the functioning of the Lodge. One could find that this challenge was well met by successive Masters and this decade proved to be one of many remarkable achievements.

During this period 169 Meetings were held and 166 Ceremonies were conducted. Five meetings were held for presentation of Long Term Service Jewels, two for holding joint meetings and one for Funeral Lodge Service.

In this decade 60 fit and proper persons were initiated and 10 brethren joined the Lodge.

The Lodge suspended its entire agenda for the Regular Meeting on 20th July 1991 to mourn the demise of H.H. Sree Padmanabhadasa Chithira Tirunal Bala Rama Varma Maharaja of Travancore.

Five meetings held during the decade were for presentation of Long Term Service Jewels to the following brethren:

W.Bro.V.Nirmalan Thampi (25 Years)
W.Bro.P.Velayudhan Pillai (25 Years)
W.Bro.S.Kumar (25 Years)
W.Bro.R.Raman Nair (25 Years)
W.Bro.T.S.Padmanabhan (25 Years)
W.Bro.N.Chandrasekharan Nair (25 Years)
W.Bro.R.Gainneos (25 Years)
W.Bro.M.Ramaswamy Iyer (25 Years)
W.Bro.S.Parameswara Iyer (25 Years)
W.Bro.T.G.Gopalan Nair (40 Years)
W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar (25 Years)
W.Bro.M.R.B. Menon (25 Years)
W.Bro.P.G.Sukumaran Nayar (25 Years)
W.Bro.M.K.Sreeharshan (40 Years)

During the year 1997, an emergency meeting was held aboard M.V. Tippusultan on the high seas of Lakshadeep. A number of brethren including R.W.Bro.K.R. Rajasekharan Nayar, R.G.M, and R.W.Bro.H.P. Mathur (Grand Master Elect) were in the ship. Two ceremonies were conducted during the voyage.

Two Joint Meetings were held during the period under dispensation from the Grand Lodge of India, in the year 1996 and 1997, both coinciding with the visit of Grand masters. In one of the meetings a Divine Service was held which was attended by a large number of non-masons. H.H. Padmanabhadasa Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma, Maharaja of Travancore presented a sword to the Grand Lodge of India.

Many of the senior brethren of the Lodge were honoured by the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India as well as the Grand Lodge of India. W.Bro.K.R.RajasekharanNayar,W.Bro.M.R.B.Menon, Bro.M.Ramaswamy Iyer, W.Bro.P.G.Sukumaran Nair, W.Bro.Vadivale Babu, W.Bro.A.Gopalan Nair, were appointed as Assistant Regional Grand Masters. They brought honour to the Lodge by their creditable performance. W.Bro.M.Ramaswamy Iyer was elevated to the Rank of V.W.Brother.

W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar, could rise in eminence to greater heights in the Craft. He was appointed as the Regional Grand Master of Southern India in 1996. He became the first brother not only of this Lodge but also of the Sate of Kerala, to occupy this elevated post. During his tenure, the Region made substantial progress in all aspects of Freemasonry, Nine Craft Lodges, one Royal Arch Chapter, three Mark Lodges, and three RAM Lodges were consecrated. The meritorious services rendered by R.W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar, were amply rewarded by M.W. the Grand Master M.W.Bro. K.L. Reddi by conferring upon him the most coveted award of the "Order of Service to Masonry". The Lodge will ever remain proud of R.W.Bro. K.R. Rajasekharan Nayar.

The Lodge resolved to sponsor a new Craft Lodge at Trivandrum by name Lodge Ananthapadmanabha. Many brethren of the Lodge became Founder Members of the new Lodge. The new Lodge bearing No.280 was consecrated on 26th of April 1991, by M.W. the Grand master Justice. Prakash Narain OSM. W.Bro.K.R.Rajasekharan Nayar, Past Master of our Lodge became the Founder Master, of the new Lodge. Lodge donated a sum of Rs.5000/- to the new Lodge.

The brethren of the Lodge, during this decade, also founded the Chapter Thiruvananthapuram No.92, Mark Lodge Thiruvananthapuram No.82, and RAM Lodge Thiruvananthapuram No.82.

One of the most important achievements is the formation of Thiruvananthapuram Masonic Trust, by the two Lodges, Lodge Trivandrum and Lodge Ananthapadmanabha, in the year 1994. The primary aim of the Trust is to fulfil the long cherished wish for a Temple of our own. In the year 2000, land admeasuring 44 cents was acquired at a cost of Rs.8, 87, 175/-. M.W. the Grand Master, M.W.Bro.Dilip Dwarakadas Udeshi, laid the Foundation Stone at an impressive ceremony, and the construction work is now in progress.

The Annual Investiture Meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India in 1996 was hosted by Lodge Trivandrum, when our own brother, R.W.Bro. K.R. Rajasekharan Nayar , was invested as the Regional Grand Master. The Grand Festival for the year 1997 was also hosted by us. These meetings were well attended.

The Lodge, the Master and officers were awarded Trophies and Merit Certificates for their performance in Ritual Working competitions, year after year. W.Bro.P.B.Menon bagged the Justice.Veeraswamy Rolling Trophy for the Best Master of the Region in the year 1998.

The Masonic Study Circle continued to be active this decade also; organizing meetings where papers related to Masonry were read and discussed. A Masonic Seminar was organized in the year 1992.

Exchange visits to other Lodges in the area were continued and the Past Masters Day was held every year providing an opportunity for Past Masters to involve in ceremonial work.

In this decade also the Lodge had to mourn the loss of some eminent brethren.

W.Bro. S.Parameswara Iyer
W.Bro. K.Mohan Kumar
Bro.N Chandrasekharan Nair
W.Bro.K. Thrivikraman Nair and
W.Bro.R. Sekher

were summoned to the Grand Lodge above.

During the decade charities were disbursed to Grand Lodge of India Benevolent Fund, Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India Charitable Trust, and T.B.Relief Fund. Relief was also provided to a brother of the Lodge who had undergone a bye-pass surgery.

The decade just preceded has been one of steady progress for the Lodge. The Lodge has been maintaining a high standard in ritual working and also on other areas in Masonry activities.


2001 TO 2010

The following eminent brethren occupied the Eastern Chair during the ten years following 2000

2001 W.Bro. Maj. Gen .M. Kesavan Nair
2002 W.Bro. S. Ramnath
2003 W.Bro. Ashok G. Nair
2004 W.Bro. A. S. Ben Roy
2005 W.Bro. V. R. Harikumar
2006 W.Bro. Dr.  V. J. Thomas
2007 W.Bro. P. Vijay Kumar
2008 W.Bro. P. T. Mohan Babu
2009 W.Bro. Dr. R. Rajnish Kumar
2010 W.Bro. Roy Peter

During this period of ten years, 120 regular meetings, 20 emergency meetings and 4 joint meetings were held. In all, 37 Initiation Ceremonies, 39 Passing Ceremonies and 39 Raising Ceremonies were held.

The following brethren were recognised by presenting them with 25 years Long Term Service Jewels.

W. Bro. Dr. R. Ravi Kumar
Bro. N. Mahesh
Bro. K. K. Kamath
Bro. Ajith Thampan
Bro. Dr. P. A. Thomas
W. Bro. V. P. Velayudhan
W. Bro. C. P. N. Nair
Bro. L. V. Mohan Kumar
Bro. S.N. Nair
Bro. Dr. O. S. Menon
Bro. M. R. P. Menon
Bro. D. N. Prasad
Bro. P. E. Subramoniam
W. Bro. Brig. V. K. Nair
Bro. Dr. V. Krishnan Nair
Bro. T. K. R. Nair
Bro. G. R. Nandakuamr
Bro. C. M. Aravindakshnan Nair
Bro. G. Harindran
Bro. Ranjit Sadasivan

40 Years Long Term Service Jewel was presented to R. W. Bro. M. Ramaswamy Iyer and 50 years Long Term Service Jewel was presented to R.W. Bro. M. K. Sriharshen.

The Lodge maintained high standard in Ritual Working and regularly participated in the Annual Ritual Working Competitions. W. Bro. Maj. Gen. M. Kesavan Nair was awarded the “Lodge Pearl City Rolling Trophy for the Best Master in the Group” in the year 2001.

The Lodge had to mourn the loss of the following brethren during this period:

W. Bro. R. Sekhar
Bro. Krishnaswamy Karayalar
W. Bro. M. P. Neelakantan Nair
W. Bro. Dr. R. Harikumar
W. Bro. Augustine Mathew Kayyalakkakom
W. Bro. R. Gainneos
R. W. Bro. K. R. Rajasekharan Nayar and
Bro. K. K. Kamath

were summoned to the Grand Lodge above and the Lodge conducted Funeral Lodge Services in their memory.

The construction of the new Temple which started on the 11th March 2002 was completed and the new temple was dedicated to Gods service on the 10th of January 2010.  The meetings of all the Indian Degrees are held in the new premises. The services rendered by R. W. Bro. Late. K. R. Rajasekharan Nayar, and R. W. Bro. P. G. Sukumaran Nayar  as Chairmen of the Trivandrum Masonic Trust need special mention.

During the period the Bye-laws of the Lodge were amended twice to raise the subscription and once to change the venue of the meeting.

Similarly the Lodge passed a resolution in 2001 increasing the building fund contribution and passed another resolution in 2004 reducing the contribution to the original amount.

Though the Lodge initially objected to the formation of a third Craft Lodge in Trivandrum, later it gave all the support when Lodge Travancore No. 329 was consecrated.

The Lodge hosted the Annual Investiture meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India on 31st January 2004.

During the period substantial charities were undertaken by the Lodge. The Lodge donated liberally to Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund, Prathibha Poshini, Navajeevan Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre, GLI Earthquake Relief Fund, Tsunami Relief Fund, Regional Cancer Centre Patient’s Rehabilitation Programme etc.

Bro. Rajnish Clement and V. W. Bro. R. Sushil Raj were presented with a special Citation by Most Worshipful the Grand Master for their dedicated involvement in implementing the Tsunami Relief Project at Pallam.

At the Grand Festival held at Kolkata during December 2010, Most Worshipful the Grand Master announced the appointment of R. W. Bro. Retna Raj Sushil Raj as the Regional Grand Master of Southern India.

While these lines are being written the brethren of the Lodges in and Around Trivandrum are planning to host the Annual investiture Meeting of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India wherein R. W. Bro. Retna Raj Sushil Raj will be installed as the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India.

The ten years just preceded were Golden years for the Lodge.



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